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Annette Müller


Audio Book: ASIN: B08Ml8NLLY
Preis: € 11,95 inkl. MwSt.

read by: Mukti Garceau, Anette Oberhauser

Time: 3 h und 57 min.

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As the result of a car accident Annette Mueller finds herself catapulted out of her career in publishing into an odyssey through conventional and alternative medicine that finally leads her to a spiritual healer.

Her encounter with spiritual forces affects her so deeply that she follows this healing path further, finally learning spiritual healing herself. Today she runs the first specialist residential clinic for spiritual healing in Germany, along with the affiliated spiritual healing school, the École San Esprit.

In her autobiography Annette Mueller shares her extraordinary and eventful life with the reader. True to life and in a gripping manner, she portrays the fateful events in the end lead to a successful career as a spiritual healer.


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