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amazinGRACE® – Miraculous Healing Alchemy

amazinGRACE – Miraculous Healing AlchemyamazinGRACE,
Miraculous Healing Alchemy

Annette Bokpe/Annette Müller


E-Book: ISBN 978-3-943-09909-6

eBook: € 3,49

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A down to earth business woman and journalist, Annette Bokpe has two daughters and a successful practice as a business coach. Having not spoken for years, on a whim she calls Annette Müller, an old friend she had lost touch with. The call changes everything.

Unexpectedly she becomes a student at ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, Annette Müller’s school for energy healing. In her role as an investigative journalist, she is sceptical about the validity of Annette’s work and searches relentlessly for trickery or flaws along the way.

In amazinGRACE – Miraculous Healing Alchemy, Bokpe describes the ups and downs of her two year journey to become a successful healer and the amazing experiences and insights she acquires along the way.

Frequently amusing, at the close of each chapter, the descriptions of her adventures are followed by comments from her teacher Annette Muller, the founder of amazinGRACE.

amazinGRACE – Miraculous Healing Alchemy – offers the reader an invaluable understanding of subjects that are amongst the most precious secrets of humankind.

amazinGRACE – Miraculous Healing Alchemy – is a book that makes magic real.


„When I took part as a speaker at Annette’s yearly festival in Bavaria, she and her team gave me some healing sessions for a painful hip. I felt much better afterwards and this experience changed my attitude. It gave me the hope that things could get better, rather than assuming they could only get worse.“
Rupert Sheldrake, Biologist and Author

“Having worked with many renowned healers and shamanic practitioners over the years, the healing that I have witnessed and experienced from Annette Müller is outstanding. It is a gift that she is also able to transmit and teach this healing method to others.”
Robin Johnson, cofounder Great Mystery and The Prophets Conference, Mallorca

„It is literally amazing grace for me to get acquainted with Annette Muller, the founder of San Esprit. She has overcome several worst things in life such as a life-threatening illness and the death of a loved one, and at the same time she has been searching for a method to heal her life. Finally, she herself has developed a very powerful healing method named by herself „amazinGRACE“. I recommend you to read this book and to get her healing, if you are searching one, not only because her method is amazing but also because she understands your feelings and emotions very well based on her own life experiences.“
Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto, Scientist of Cellular- and Molecular Biology, Japan